Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A2Z Series - T Is For 'Texture'

Hi NaiLovelies!

This week we have reached the letter ‘T’ in the alphabet and quite easily my favourite letter in the whole alphabet!  Well it has to be seeing as my name begins with ‘T’.   Unfortunately, that’s where the jubilation ends, I’m not gonna lie, I really wasn’t feeling this weeks prompt word ‘TEXTURE’. 

To me textured nails screams Liquid Sand or glitter finishes but I’m honestly not about that 'take for ever removing glitter off my nails' life right about now.  I put it off as long as I could and when it came to doing the manicure I still didn’t know what I was going to create.  In the end, I created three manicures (yes 3!) as I really couldn't decide which one I liked the best out of the first two I created so I created this one and was happy that I actually liked it once I'd finished and still liked it after taking photos!

For this manicure I used my exisiting base of TruGel EZFlow Smoke & Mirrors from the Ringleaders collection.  Smoke & Mirrors is a gorgeous opaque pastel yellow gel polish.  It took four coats to fix the streakiness but as I use an LED lamp to cure my gel the number of coats wasn't too much of an issue.

To achieve the textured element of the manicure I decided to use some pale pink metal studs which I purchased from eBay about a year ago.  I am actually pretty pleased with how this manicure turned out and I feel that the pastel pink and yellow work nicely together - which is just as well because I really didn't fancy creating a fourth mani!

Hopefully next week I will be inspired and my creative juices will be able to flow because this week was a right old struggle.

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