Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Dark Side Space Stamper by The Creative Shop

Hi NaiLovelies!

After being swept up in all the buzz surrounding the release of the Creative Shop Space Stamper, I recently placed an order to see if it really lived up to the hype...

I have an ever increasing collection of white/opaque stampers so I was instantly drawn to The Dark Side, which boasts a collection of four black stamper heads with a beautiful shimmer (purple, blue, green and gold).  I chose the purple option because I thought it was absolutely beautiful.  

I almost picked up the gold in The Light Side (the white version of the Space Stamper) but at £8 a pop plus postage I thought I would leave it until I had tried The Dark Side first.

My video review of the stamper is below so you can see what I think of the stamper. 

In summary, I feel that The Space Stamper is a little too squishy for my personal preference but it is a good stamper.  I really love the fact that it is black as it means I can easily see how well lighter colours have picked up.  On the whole, images pick up cleanly and transfer onto the nail crisply.

I purchased this stamper from Rainbow Connection, it arrived well packaged and within a couple of days. The Creative Shop Space Stampers are also available from Nail Artisan but at the time of writing this post they are currently out of stock for both The Dark Side and The Light Side,

Ciao 4 Now


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