Monday, 11 January 2016

IBD Molly & LeChat Starry Night

Hi NaiLovelies!

After wearing the Gelish Vitagel base of this manicure over the past week, I decided to hit it with a shot of colour by adding a seriously gorgeous gel polish to see me through the next few days.

After a quick shuffle through my ever growing collection of gel polishes, I decided that Molly by IBD Just Gel Polish would be an awesome candidate.

Molly is a seriously gorgeous vivid purple base with red undertones which is taken to the next level with a hugely generous sprinkling of magenta and blue glitter suspended in it.

The formula is wonderful and even though I rushed the application, I didn't need to do any clean up or flash curing.  Everything about this polish is simply flawess!  I can see Molly being very popular with my clients when the weather here in the UK starts to warm up a little.

My thumbs and index fingers are stamped with a gorgeous floral image from the Messy Mansion MM20 plate which is ideal for negative space stamping.  Two of these nails have low splits on them which I'm currently nurturing, they are patched with Gelish Vitagel and a silk wrap which have been on a while, hence the amount of newgrowth on those nails.

I wanted to add something over the patches which I wouldn't tire of wearing after a couple of days and also something interchangeable that would allow me to easily switch between a few regular polish and gel manis without having to soak off the entire thing.

This design fits the bill PERFECTLY!

I ended up wearing these stamped Feature Nails with 6 manicures in total most of which can be seen here on my Instagram page, before I added a coat of LeChat Perfect Match Mood polish.

I used Starry night as it has the clever effect of shifting between clear and black depending on the temperature of my hands and all with a gorgeous holographic in the backdrop.  The fun thing is that when I am cold the feature nails are completely black and gorgeously highlighted by the chunky holographic glitter and when they are warm you can see the stamped image underneath the holographic glitter.

 I really love how this looks over stamped images, so much so that this is the second time I have incorporated this effect into my manicure and I have many more manis planned for these beautiful gel polishes.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Your nails are beautiful you are lucky because you suit every color

    1. Thank you so much! I just wish I had more time to get through all of my untrieds :)

  2. I love this!!!! Just one question.. I am new with stamping. Did you put the mood changing polish on first and then did the stamp in a black polish?


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