Friday, 22 January 2016

Crystal Clear Jelly Stamper

Hi NaiLovelies!

Over the past couple of months it is fair to say that there has been a crazy amount of buzz in the nail world surrounding some very affordable dupes of the original clear jelly stamper, which are now flooding the market.

As I am a member of several nail art groups on Facebook, this buzz resulted in two bargain dupes of the stamper immediately jumping out at me as something I could definitely benefit from having in my stamping kit - lining up images for placement has never been my strong suit!

The purple stamper is from Ali Express and cost £1.68 (at the time of writing this post this item has 25% off and is now £1.35).  I purchased two of these stampers and they arrived within 3 weeks.

The white stamper is branded as a Born Pretty Store item but I purchased it from eBay for £1.99 (at the time of writing this post this item has 10% off and is now £1.79).  I ordered one stamper which arrived within 2 weeks.

You can see full details of these stampers on my video review.

In summary, I find both stampers to be very similar, however the all important stamper head of the white Born Pretty stamper is a little squishier and is therefore my favorite of the two.

Both stampers pick up images incredibly well and transfer images with ease.  Neither of them needed to be primed or washed prior to use, they were ready to use straight out of the packaging.

The stampers do not come with any user instructions which is a shame as there are some key things which need to be taken into account when using this stamper.  The most important one being that you should never use acetone on this stamper head due to the delicate nature of the materials used for the crystal clear silicone head.  If you use acetone on these clear stampers it will disintegrate and crumble and will essentially be ruined.  As with most stampers, the best way to clean any dust or residual polish is by using a lint roller.

These stampers both come packaged with basic scraper.  I don't use the scrapers which come with these type of stampers as I prefer the gift card type of scraper (I can often be found in my local shops picking up a few spares! ha).  I usually throw away the scraper from these duo sets but I think I will keep the clear one and use it as a mixing palette for gel polish.

These are super affordable stampers and at under £2 each you can afford to purchase a few so you have enough spares to suit your personal preference, without breaking the bank!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Thank you for the eBay links I am going to add one to my cart.

  2. I somehow have ended up with 4 clear stampers now lol. I'm liking them a lot. I don't k ow if I'll go back to my fave marshmallow anymore.

  3. Heehee, I know that feeling all too well. I think I'm addicted to finding 'The Perfect' stamper. These clear ones are my go tos at the moment.....until my nails get longer...!

  4. I've got the clear one from BPS and I'm finding it really difficult to pick up, any tips? And I agree with you about the scraper - useless!

    1. I would suggest to try using a rolling motion as opposed to a pressing motion... Hope this helps!


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