Friday, 24 March 2017

IBD Chic To Chic & Pet'la Toro

Hi NaiLovelies!

This manicure almost brings me up to date as this is what I was wearing at the beginning of this week.  I have enlisted one of my all time favourite brands IBD Just Gel Polish as the removal time is truly remarkable!

To create this manicure I used IBD Chic to Chic a gorgeous bright pink with purple undertones.  I wanted to also wear another polish which would go with other colours and after a rummage through my IBD drawers I quickly decided on Siberian Minx, a beautiful fine champagne glitter polish which goes with everything.

I opted for a striking design for the stamping and the Toro plate from Petla was perfect for this manicure.

My plan for the next week or so is to wear a colour for a few days and remove it and apply another spring/summer inspired colour.  To do this easily I am wearing regular polish basecoat (All That Jazz or OPI Nail Evny) underneath my gel polish colour.  I have not found a peel off basecoat which does not cause damage to my nails so at the moment this is the least damaging option for me.

I am currently nursing a broken pinky nail on my swatching (left) hand which completely ripped off right down to the quick.  I repaired the nail using Gel II Foundation and Gel II Glass and you can't tell the difference between that nail and my others.  I want to keep the repair on as long as possible so I will file it down every two weeks and infill.  

To see me through the next week I will be keeping the Siberian Minx nails (x 5) as is and using a series of temporary stamping to tie in each manicure.

One of my favorite things to do is to not be completely matchy matchy with my nails, it must be the rule breaker in for this set of nails I have the opposites on each hand and I must say I am totally loving it!

Now.....what colour to wear next.

Ciao 4 Now

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