Monday, 6 March 2017

Simply Catch Up

Hi NaiLovelies!

Although I have not posted any of my manicures on my blog since way back in December, I have actually been doing my nails fairly regularly despite going through a three week 'nail funk' where I didn't want to do my nails and wore a plain builder gel overlay for 3 whole weeks straight!

Luckily, I took pictures of all of my manicures so I've decided to pop a few pictures on my blog so I can always find a picture of these colours if I need it for future reference...

Plain Builder Gel

I wore my nails like this for three weeks which is pretty much unheard of for me...

The manicure above was created directly after coming out of my nail funk at the end of January.  I loved creating this manicure and tried something which I wasn't sure would work.  I wanted a darker berry toned glitter to tie in with the other pink tones used in my manicure so I created the bespoke colour on my index finger by using Magpie Ella and covering her with a light coat of a dark burgundy shade with a jelly formula.  I finished the manicure with a beautiful image from Dixie Plates.


This blue chrome and embossed snowflake manicure was a pre-Christmas creation using GelBottle black and Magpie Two Faced Dust which I chromed over no wipe topcoat. I then stamped snowflakes using Dixie Plate and MoYou snowflake images and sugared Magpie Blossom over the snowflake which I first outlined using OPI gel paints.

Christmas Tree

I absolutely loved wearing this manicure in the lead up to Christmas.  It was a simple design with stamped middle finger, glitter polish on the pinky nail and a hand drawn christmas tree on my ring finger.  The addition of a matte index nail tied this manicure together perfectly.

Pink Glitter

One of my favourite colours is pink so what better colour to choose to see me through the Christmas period.   This manicure went with absolutely everything I wore and looked simply fabulous at the same time.

Purple Glitter

This purple manicure was created using Gel Bottle polish and Lecente glitter which I faded down from the cuticle.

Fancy Nails

And to end my little recap, this right here is hands down one of my Top 3 manicures I have ever posted on my blog!  My little nephew came over to visit shortly after I had escaped my 'nail funk' and wanted to paint 'Auntie Tracey's nails' so I gave him one of my most pigmented OPI polishes and let him get to work.  He renamed my studio 'Fancy Nails' (great name by the way!) and renamed himself  'Mr Fancy'.  I think he did a great job and with a little clean up I was actually happy wearing this for the rest of the day - and that included going out in public!

I will be back soon to recap my past few manicures and get this blog up to date with my current manicure.

Ciao 4 Now


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