Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mocha Roses in Paris

Hiya NaiLovelies! 

So I have a bit of a confession to make…. I love skittlette nails and I also love a good old bit of tone on tone stamping, in fact I think tone on tone is my favourite kind of stamping!

Today I have a beautiful, feminine skittlette manicure to show you. On my index, middle fingers and thumbs I am wearing IBD Just Gel Road To Paris and on my ring and pinky fingers I am wearing IBD Just Gel Mocha Pink. I am wearing two coats of each.

The tone of these polishes is what I’d call a dusty rose kind of warm brown toned pink and its incredibly flattering. Some people refer to this shade as mauve but in my mind, mauve is more lilac.

 Interestingly, Road To Paris has a sheer purple toned base with a fine copper shimmer running through it. It is a stunning colour and has an amazing finish which benefits from using more than one layer to obtain a greater depth of shimmer. It goes on smoothly and there is zero shrinkage. Mocha Pink is a sheer cream, with an almost crelly like quality. I think it would be good candidate for a gelly sandwich which is a technique where you layer glitter between a jelly polish so the glitter is muted and can be seen underneath the jelly polish, therefore creating depth and a new look for the glitter polish. Mocha Pink goes on incredibly smoothly and has zero shrinkage.

As I mentioned I find both Road To Paris and Mocha Pink to be quite sheer. Therefore, I am wearing one coat of Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish as undies in the shade Kissed. Kissed is slightly browner in tone than Mocha Pink, which is both brighter and pinker. They are however incredibly similar but Kissed is just creamier in texture and almost opaque in one coat – perfect for undies! Other brands make a similar colour; Sensationail Mauve Maven, Gelish Mauvey Mauve and RCM Envelope Please. Please note that I am not claiming these to be dupes just that they are of a similar ilk so worth a looking at if you prefer those brands.

On the nail the tone of Road To Paris and Mocha Pink is almost an exact match. However, I felt that the manicure needed a little something extra to pull both of the elements together so I turned to my trusty stamping plates. I used MoYou XL Pro 07 image plate using both the embossed and cut out images of the rose on alternating fingers and also on my thumbs and used Maybeline Brick Shimmer polish for the stamping.

I love how this mani turned out and of course the shine is amazing, I used Ink topcoat.

Back in the days when I used to wear regular nail polish I used to wear Bourjois Beige Glamour A LOT. It was my go to colour and a particular favourite of mine, I used to get many many compliments on that colour and influenced friends, family and strangers to buy it. It was a great choice of colour as chips were not instantly noticeable…..

Side note; If I am wearing a colour for the second time or if it is a colour which has already been demonstrated by my mum or sister, change how it is worn when it comes to my turn opting to team two or three colours in the same manicure and/or throw in a bit of stamping to shake things up a little and breath a breath of fresh air into the colour(s).

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Girl I'm loving this mani! I'm liking the tone on tone stamping, I should try it and I'm sure when I do it will be my favorite stamping as well :)

    Oh I'm not familiar with Bourjois Beige Glamour. Will you show a swatch so we can see it? Thanks girl :)

    1. Hey! :)

      Thank you. You should definitely try it, it seriously seems to be my go-to combo for stamping.

      I will see if I can dig out my bottle of Beige Glamour and add a picture to this post. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for commenting!



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