Monday, 5 May 2014

Not Your Mama's Easter Grass by Smitten Polish

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have a gorgeous bright neon nail polish swatched to show you today.

This is the scrumptious Not Your Mama's Easter Grass by Smitten Polish and after weeks of lusting after this beauty, I am happy to finally have this bottle in my hands!

Not Your Mama's Easter Grass is incredibly glittery both in artificial light and sunlight!  It was nigh on impossible to capture the true level of sparkle on my camera to do this polish justice,the neon and glitter just sent it a little crazy. 

After talking my camera back off the ledge a couple of times, I managed to get a few shots of this extremely pretty polish.  It has a bright lime green jelly base which has yellow undertones and within the base are lime green, apple green, gold and holographic micro glitters mixed in!  These different coloured glitters used in similar hues, add dimension and the holo just sets it alight!

The sparkle is utterly fantastic!!!!!

The formula of Not Your Mama's Easter Grass is great and dried very quickly.  I was able to polish my nails in under 10 minutes flat using three easy coats of polish.  This polish dries so quickly and I was able to paint the coats super fast, moving from one hand to the next as soon as I had finished painting the one prior.  This is excellent as this mean there is zero waiting around between coats - I could just get on with painting my nails without fear of messing up my manicure!

I don't think I have ever worn a colour like this, but oh my - I love this polish!!!  It is an incredibly easy neon polish to wear and to me a shade like this just shouts SUMMER; so bring it on!!!!

Not Your Mama's Easter Grass - Smitten Polish
HK Girl Topcoat - Glisten & Glow
Gelish Vitagel Recovery - Soak off gel basecoat

You can also purchase Not Your Mama's Easter Grass from UK distributor Rainbow Connection.

As I am attending my Spa Manicure training class tomorrow I will be wearing something a little more subdued to class.  Therefore, I have removed this polish from one of my nails just so I know how much time I need to allocate to applying my next manicure (glitter polishes can be notoriously difficult to remove - especially when using non-acectone remover).  I'm happy to report that this polish came off pretty easily without a massive amount of soaking or scrubbing.

Unfortunately, I did encounter some staining from Not Your Mama's Easter Grass to my Gelish Vitagel basecoat.  I actually am not surprised by the staining because of this polish is quite pigmented for a jelly.

For me, the sparkly and fabulous look of Not Your Mama's Easter Grass is well worth a tiny bit of staining on my gel base. However, I would advise wearing two coats of regular basecoat if you are wearing this on your natural nails.

Ciao 4 Now

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