Friday, 16 May 2014

The Carlton Institute Manicure & Spa Manicure Course: My Experience

Hi NaiLovelies!

 Over the past year procrastination has definitely become my middle name around the subject of attending a manicure course!  My family and friends have encouraged  me to go ahead and obtain a qualification in order to enable me to perform manicures on people as I often receive enquiries as to whether I can ‘do their nails’ for them, particularly for holidays and special occasions. 

So this year, I set about actually doing something about it and finally booked myself onto the
Manicure and Spa Manicure course at the Carlton Institute.

Click here to read my full review 

 I got to talking to a work colleague of mine who attended one of their courses a couple of years ago and she said I should give them a try.  As they have locations across the country I found that the most convenient for me was in Windsor.

The training centre is nice and close to Windsor castle, the railway station, a fab fudge shop and the main SHOPPING CENTRE!!  Eeep, in my opinion this actually couldn’t get any better especially because it was a glorious day! 

I made arrangements to bring a ‘model’ with me as luckily my sister, Carissa from Little Likely Lads, stepped into the breach after a particularly grovelling phone call where I informed her that having my nails filed and buffed would impact my blogging schedule.   

I had a right old job on my hands as Carissa turned up wearing bright red polish which wanted to stick onto her nails for dear life and just didn’t want to come off! 

As part of the training we were shown how to apply both a bright colour and a French manicure.  Here are a few pictures of my attempts at both.

Carissa loved how her hands felt after the warm paraffin wax treatment and massage, two services which I learned to administer courtesy of the Manicure and Spa Manicure course!

 Thank you Carissa from Little Likely Lads for taking these great photos!

 I'm so pleased that I passed and now have a brand new sparkly diploma!!!

My full review can be found over on the Carlton Institute blog

I had a fantastic time and I found the course incredibly useful!  
I'm going to go and check out their video guide to choosing the right nail shape because I'm thinking of changing my nail shape yet again....I'm so over these ballerina nails!

Ciao 4 Now



  1. That sounds like such an awesome opportunity! I kind of wish we had something a little like that over here in the States -- I'm not looking to change my profession, but I definitely still have lots to learn about nail care, too.

    1. I really enjoyed the course. Like you, I'm not looking for a change in profession but it's handy to have this qualification so I can perform manicures on other people.

      I learned alot!!

      Thanks for commenting


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