Sunday, 1 February 2015

A2Z Series - L Is For 'Lines'

Hi NaiLovelies!

We are hurtling along at a right pace and have already reached week 12 of this A2Z Challenge.   This week the letter is 'L' and the prompt word is LINES.  Yaaaay, NOT!!

I'm not going to lie, I have been totally dreading doing this manicure - my nemesis is the aforementioned straight lines!  When I was younger I always struggled writing in a straight line and sometimes I think I can't even walk in a straight line!  Also, ever since I started stamping my nails over two years ago, I have never ever been able to stamp straight lines - lining up images continues to be a challenge for me so I guess you can see why I was less than ecstatic about this weeks challenge...

However, a challenge is supposed be exactly that so I rolled up my sleeves and I still gave it a good old try - I like the end result but there is definitely room for improvement though....

For this manicure I used my existing gel polish manicure, OPI Gelcolor Peace&Love&OPI a gorgeous multi-chrome gel which beautifully shifts from green to grey and purple.  It is such a lovely polish - I have it in both regular polish and Gelcolor formula.  The finish is slightly different as the Gelcolor is more shimmery but both are totally stunning.

To stamp the lines I used the deliciously opaque Dark Grey Mundo de Unas stamping polish and LeaLac A plate.  I have both plates A & B and I must say, they are among my favorite plates.  The images are so large and they work incredibly well with the Creative Stamper (you can click here to check out my video to see how well they work together).  The LeaLac plates are one of the few plates that have images large enough to fit my nails, even when the are at their longest.  I am and have always been incredibly impressed with the quality and size of these and I am so glad I had sense to pick them both up a couple of years ago.

I had planned to use my new Uber Chic plates for this manicure but sadly they've not arrived yet.

When I stamped this manicure I used my new Creative Stamper and I must say it totally did my head in - slipping out of my hands is definitely not what you need when you are trying to stamp straight lines!  So approximately 5 minutes after my topcoat dried, this happened.....  I knew those crappy rhinestones gifted from MoYou would come in useful one day as they won't be used for nail art ever...!

Hopefully adding these rhinestones to the slippery Creative Stamper holder will give me more grip next time I use it.  If this doesn't work, I will paint it with a textured polish like OPI Liquid Sand (but a cheaper alternative).

Before I sign off, here is a shot of the duochrome shift of OPI|Gelcolor Peace & Love & OPI without the stamping!

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Ciao 4 Now



  1. I think your lines look great! And stop teasing me with that stamper. .lol still waiting for mine x

    1. Thanks so much! They were a little wonky though.

      You'll love the Creative stamper. I can't wait for my backup to arrive. I'll be upgrading the holder as soon as it arrives.


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